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Excellent Richard Hays interview

My Interview w/ Richard B. Hays of Duke University « Hesed we ’emet.


To San Diego and Back 3: NT Studies

One of the highlights of my week in San Diego was a brief meeting with Richard Hays.  I scheduled it to say thanks for his wonderful blurb on Michael Gorman’s Reading Paul.  I also just wanted the chance to chat.  One of the things I asked Richard was what were the important and burgeoning areas in NT studies. (This question relates to the discussion Michael Bird initiated over at Euangelion.)

Hays mentioned four areas:

  1. Roman imperial context of the NT
  2. Intertextuality
  3. History of Interpretation
  4. Theological Interpretation/Exegesis

I’d be interested to hear what others might add to this list.  What are the “hot” areas of NT studies?