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PhD: Don’t Do it!

It is nearly a year old, but the following Chronicle piece should be read by anyone working on or considering a PhD in the Humanities (that would include theology, biblical studies, and the like):

Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go – Advice – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Instead of a PhD consider the dignity and elegance of a hands-on trade.


Christianity’s Best Relics

Read full article: The Family Jewels

Quick rundown:

10. Swaddling Clothes

9. Girdle

8. Nails

7. House

6. Robe

5. Blood

4. Umbilical Cord

3. Teardrop

2. Breast Milk

1. Foreskin

God Tweets!

Jesus iPhone

The news story: Twitter Bible.

The Twitter feed: WWGT

We need something like this for biblical studies

Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate.

Anybody up to the challenge? I don’t have time or energy, but I would like to have it available.

Michael Gorman’s Open Letter to the Church in the US

Go read this right now!

“We” Do Not Have Troops: An Open Letter to the Church in the U.S. « Cross Talk ~ crux probat omnia.

Metaphorically Thinking

Drawing on philosophy and linguistics, cognitive scientists have begun to see the basic metaphors that we use all the time not just as turns of phrase, but as keys to the structure of thought.

Thinking literally – The Boston Globe.

Take that Technophobes!

Every communication advancement throughout human history, from the pencil to the typewriter to writing itself, has been met with fear, skepticism and a longing for the medium that’s been displaced.

Is the Internet melting our brains? | Salon Books.