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About pages are funny things. I never know quite what to include in them. People that click to them, I suppose, are actually interested in the person(s) behind a site or blog. Do these people want just the facts, or would they prefer some witty brief description of me? For now they are only going to get the facts. I do not have the energy to be witty about myself.

My name is D. Christopher Spinks. Most people call me Chris. I am an editor at Wipf & Stock Publishers. I recently received my PhD in New Testament (Theology minor) from Fuller Theological Seminary. My dissertation was entitled “The Meaning of Scripture: Thinking Theologically about Scriptural Interpretation with special reference to Stephen E. Fowl and Kevin J. Vanhoozer.” As you can tell, my dissertation had very little to do with the actual texts of the New Testament. While I am deeply interested in the New Testament texts, my research interests have more to do with readings of the NT as Scripture than they do with the provenance of say 1 Corinthians. I am convinced, however, that having an interest in one does not preclude research in the other. If you want to read my dissertation, it has been published as The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning.

In addition to my job as editor, I manage to teach 1-2 classes per quarter with Fuller, either online or at an extension campus in the Northwest. Prior to my move to Eugene, OR, I taught for over five years on Fuller’s Pasadena campus. I have taught Beginning Greek, Orientation to Theological Studies, Exegetical Methods, and NT Exegesis: Ephesians, and NT2: Acts to Revelations.

I am married to a wonderful woman. Gail is a psychotherapist.  We have twins, Alexander and Oliver, born 11 December 2007.

Though currently searching for a church community, I have Baptist roots, Episcopalian sensibilities, and Anabaptist leanings. I like to think that as an Anabaptist I am able to return to what is good about my Baptist background and align with the Episcopalian idea of a Third Way.
What else do you need to know?


  Bob Cornwall wrote @


I found your site via some others, including AKM Adam — looking for good sites. Anyway, from one Fuller PhD to another I will enjoy checking things out here.

I’m member of class of 91 — PhD in Hist. Theology — under Jim Bradley.

  Doug Pagtt wrote @

So, those are not your eyes on the banner?

  Kent Yinger wrote @

Hi Chris,

Laura Simmons (CATS PHD grad), who is a colleague here at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, asked if I knew a “Chris Spinks”; she had just seen your blog and noticed the Fuller connection.

What’s up in Eugene?

Would love to re-connect sometime.


tel. 503-554-6156

  David wrote @

I did my MDiv thesis in hermeneutics and focused on Vanhoozer. I haven’t been very interested in much of his other work but I tend to view his seminal text as still having a significant voice. I don’t know your work and I am not sure what you mean by “crisis of meaning”. A quick link to understand what you consider a crisis?

You can find my thesis here

All the best.

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