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Quotes for January

I’m not sure if any of my Facebook friends noticed the quotes I put into the “About Me” section of my profile sidebar. I plan to change those from time to time with quotes that I come across in my reading. It’s sort of a New Year’s resolution of mine—a way for me to keep track of some of the lines that have struck me throughout the year. The following are the ones I posted in January. I began on the 6th, Epiphany, hence the quote from Matthew.

1/27 – Like Christ’s love on the cross, human love is most itself when it is utterly open, unguarded, and vulnerable. -Eugene McCarraher

1/22 – I believe that Christ is the Lord, goddam it. It’s not that I believe in God, but that He believes in me, in us. And I’m willing to bet my life on that. -Will Campbell

1/21 – revelation is the manifest presence of God which can only be had on its own terms, and which cannot be converted into something plain and available for classification. -John Webster

1/18 – A lie cannot live. -MLK, Jr.

1/15 – Prayer is, simply, pledging allegiance. Consequently, prayer is political and a form of resistance and protest.

Prayer specifies your God, your kingdom, your hope, your ethic.

When you pray you choose sides. -Richard Beck

1/14 – Each eucharistic community is not merely a part of a whole, as if Christ could be divided into parts, but a microcosm, a mini-cosmos in which the cosmic Christ is wholly present. -William T. Cavanaugh

1/13 – God is as much present in the mundane and in life’s tragedies as he is in those experiences which are typically seen as the more likely demonstrations of divine activity. -Michael W. Pahl

1/12 – Ensnared by stunted imaginations and unfettered appetites, we still routinely confuse having a plethora of choices with being free. -Barry Harvey

1/11 – Christ Jesus did what he did because that is what it means to be in the form of God. -Michael Gorman

1/7 – The radical gospel is not sixth-grade civics. -Will Campbell

1/6 – When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. -Matthew, the evangelist

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