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Will Willimon on Politics in Biblical Preaching

Yesterday I posted a quote from Will Campbell on Patriotism in my Facebook Notes. What I should have done is posted it here in katagrapho, since whatever I post on this blog shows up in my Facebook Notes. I won’t repeat the Campbell quote. You can follow the previous link to read it.

From now on I will put interesting quotes and excerpts from books I am editing here. That way the handful of blog readers can see them, as well as the handful of Facebook friends.

In addition to Campbell’s Crashing the Idols, I am also working with Will Willimon’s Preaching Master Class, the next volume in the Art for Faith’s Sake Series that we publish in partnership with Fuller‘s Brehm Center. As I was reading the chapter, “How Unbiblical ‘Biblical Preaching’ Can Be,” I came across these bits that resonated with my immersion into Will Campbell’s writing.

Previously, we mainline, liberal Protestants were the ones who were so bent on mixing religion and politics. Now it’s the Religious Right, but it’s essentially the same project. It’s a politicized project that is tough for biblical preachers; once they get infatuated with politics, they don’t stay biblical for long.

Let’s face it, the Bible is downright nasty toward folk in power, particularly if they work for the government…

The New Testament has virtually nothing to say to folk who enjoy a powerful majority, but everything to say to those who are a persecuted minority. I find little scriptural help for how to run a multi-million-dollar political action group, but lots of verses about what to do when you are in jail.

Two further things:

1. There is much in Willimon’s book that these folks could stand to read as they try to do everything “biblically” in the shadow of the Capitol building. (HT: Halden)

2. It should go without saying that this blog, my Facebook content, and most other material I place online are all my personal ruminations, opinions, gripes, etc. It should also go without saying that the thing I spend most of my day doing—i.e., acquiring, editing, proofing books—would have an impact on my ruminations, opinions, gripes, etc. None of it, however, is meant to represent the position of my employer, Wipf and Stock Publishers.

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