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Christianity’s Best Relics

Read full article: The Family Jewels

Quick rundown:

10. Swaddling Clothes

9. Girdle

8. Nails

7. House

6. Robe

5. Blood

4. Umbilical Cord

3. Teardrop

2. Breast Milk

1. Foreskin

Apocalyptic Accounts of Paul

Given the recent discussions of the apocalyptic perspective of Paul, I found interesting the following sentence by Stephen Fowl in Paul, Philosophy, and the Theopolitical Vision (ed. Douglas Harink), a forthcoming volume in our Theopolitical Visions series that I am currently working on.

These apocalyptic accounts of Paul are a persistent reminder that both scholars and Christians have a tendency to domesticate Paul and his writings, gathering supposed conceptual and religious antecedents to central Pauline terminology so that he appears to be little more than a small tremor on the theological terrain, something you can feel, but which does not bring down buildings (Fowl, “A Very Particular Universalism”).

Ten Awful Truths About Book Publishing

All authors, potential authors, editors, and publishers MUST READ THIS! Seriously, you MUST. I can’t emphasize it enough. It’s just two pages, will probably take you about 5 minutes, and will give you a helpful perspective on publishing, especially those authors of you who expect your books to fly off the shelves.

Ten Awful Truths About Book Publishing by Steve Piersanti 6-09 Update.

God Tweets!

Jesus iPhone

The news story: Twitter Bible.

The Twitter feed: WWGT

We need something like this for biblical studies

Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate.

Anybody up to the challenge? I don’t have time or energy, but I would like to have it available.

A Neglected Sermon

I just did a quick search on ATLA for articles on the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6:17-49). Very little turned up. I’ve long thought this was a neglected piece of the NT. Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount gets much more attention. It seems, in fact, that Luke’s sermon is rarely treated on its own; instead, it is included as a part of the discussion of the SoM.