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Metaphorically Thinking

Drawing on philosophy and linguistics, cognitive scientists have begun to see the basic metaphors that we use all the time not just as turns of phrase, but as keys to the structure of thought.

Thinking literally – The Boston Globe.


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  Sue wrote @

Yes but does the structure of thought have anything to do with Reality as IT IS altogether?

Reality altogether is not at all like you presume it to be via your thinking.

Thoughts are what brains manufacture.

Language is the first form of virtual reality or idolatry.

Words are idols—the most seductive of idols because by using words we pretend that we have understood something and possibly everything.

Language games, including theological language games, are just brains talking to each other.

As such we “live” most of our lives in the virtual “world” created by language.

In our towers of babel/babel.

Does God and Reality altogether think.

What happens to “you” when you enter each night into the diffuse, formless, content-less state of deep dreamless sleep?

At the thus core of you being you are thus merely silently present. And all the while your body and the entire Cosmic Process continues on regardless of what you may have ever thought—and presumed your “self” to be.

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