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Obligatory Post – Announcing NIV Bible 2011

It seems to me that one simply cannot call oneself a biblioblogger if one does not post something about the announcement of the NIV 2011. So, here’s my obligatory post, since I still fancy this as a biblioblog of sorts.

Here’s the link to the appropriate website: NIV Bible 2011 – New International Version updated.

But, to really call oneself a biblioblogger, one must also comment on this announcement. So here are two quick takes:

1. I like the TNIV. I’ll have to wait and see if the NIV2011 caves to the exclusivists who view the inclusive language of the TNIV as somehow a marring of God’s Word. I hope they don’t cave, but the whole language of “mistakes” makes me doubtful.

2. I think the CBT is comprised of good biblical scholars, even if right-leaning to a fault some times. But, my suspicion of corporate behemoths (i.e., Zondervan –> Harper Collins –> News Corporation) makes me wonder if there is not something else behind this decision. Even the working name, “NIV 2011,” smacks of underhanded marketing strategy. Soon enough we will all be needing to “upgrade” to the latest version of the NIV. There will be alpha and beta versions that you can buy in advance of the official release. The new version will be more stable and better able to resist viruses. Sometime down the road, in an effort to appear more creative, the numbers behind NIV will disappear or become secondary to the release names. We could have NIV Vista or NIV Snow Leopard.



  Mark Baker-Wright wrote @

I’m not happy about this. Even assuming the best of intentions for the NIV2011, the fact that they’re explicitly doing “a thorough review of every gender change since the 1984 NIV” troubles me greatly. And even if they weren’t doing that the way the discontinuation of the TNIV has been announced makes it look like the anti-inclusive language folks “won,” which frankly makes me angry.

[…] for the NIV.” My friend Chris Spinks, who knows something about the publishing business, wonders if the NIV2011 smacks of a marketing fiasco. Along those lines, I wonder if we can translate […]

  John wrote @

I believe the new NIV will be called simply the NIV and will have the most recent TNIV as its base text.

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