writing things down…

Odds and Ends

  • Our house was robbed in broad daylight on Wednesday. I feel violated, frustrated, vulnerable, and pissed!
  • Started looking through SBL program for interesting sessions. Not sure why; I don’t get to go to many, but I do get to meet with a lot of great people. These conferences are much more enjoyable as an editor.
  • Finally finished the Wittgenstein biography.
  • Found out that the class I am teaching next Spring (1) is not Acts-Revelation, but rather the Gospels; and (2) may not make, due to low enrollment. There is still time for shifting preparation gears and for students to enroll.
  • My body aches more these days.
  • When was the last time you saw an academic book of theology, biblical studies, or anything really without a subtitle? Are subtitles necessary? We scholarly types sure do love them.

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  Mark Baker-Wright wrote @

Wow. Sorry to hear about the robbery.

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