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Sad News

I’ve just returned from vacation and learned about the death of Graham Stanton. I’m deeply sad. I considered Graham a friend. I was his teaching assistant when he traveled to Pasadena to teach at Fuller one (or two?) summer(s). He also agreed to meet with me and monitor my progress when I took a study leave and lived in Cambridge for a couple of months in the Spring of 2002. Gail and I once had a delightful dinner with Graham and his wife, where they told a very amusing story about Graham playing tuba with Donald Hagner at a dinner in Pasadena at the Hagners’ home (Donald Hagner is a very accomplished tuba player. Apparently Graham was not.)

Graham will be missed.

God’s John Hancock

“…the cross is the signature of the Eternal One. Any other understandings of God are henceforth rendered either incomplete or obsolete or idolatrous.”

– Michael J. Gorman, Inhabiting the Cruciform God, 33

Rest in Peace

Ray Anderson and Martin Hengel