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Kindle-ize your Blog

All you biblio– and theo-bloggers can now publish your blogs for Kindle readers, just don’t expect to get a fair piece of the required subscription price (no free blogs!).  And, certainly don’t expect me to pay for it. I’ve purchased only two things in the two months I’ve had a Kindle. They are both books, one of which was as much for my wife to read as it was for me. I can’t see myself dishing out up to $100 per month to get all of the blogs in my RSS reader onto my Kindle.  As I see it, at least for myself, the Kindle will stand in for individual books from time to time.  It will not become some fascinating hyperlinked handheld computer or research tool. I don’t think Amazon imagines a researcher replacing all the many books and the computer she has scattered across her desk with a Kindle.  Rather, I think they imagine that reader by the fireplace, in the recliner, on a plane, in bed, on the subway, etc. Reading blogs, much like research and work, is something I do at my desk throughout the course of the day. Reading the Kindle is something I do on the couch or in bed. Still, if you are so inclined and want to make a few pennies here and there, publish your blog for the Kindle. There are surely a few people who would like to read your blog by the fireplace.



  Mark Baker-Wright wrote @

I’m not sure I see the incentive to hand over my intellectual property (not that my blog’s worth MUCH, but it’s MINE) in this way….

  Mark Baker-Wright wrote @

Oh. I see that I CAN (theoretically) make money this way. You threw me off when you said “just don’t expect to get a fair piece of the required subscription price.” Apparently, you’re just complaining about what’s “fair.”

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