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Scripture: A Bibliography

I find everybody has an opinion about how Scripture ought to be interpreted, but very few actually discuss what it is that Scripture is.

I’m interested in compiling a bibliography on works that get at the question, “What is Scripture?”

Here are a few titles to seed the list. What else needs to go on it?

Allert, Craig D. A High View of Scripture?: The Authority of the Bible and the Formation of the New Testament Canon. Evangelical Ressourcement. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2007.

Brown, William P. Engaging Biblical Authority: Perspectives on the Bible As Scripture. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2007.

Goldingay, John. Models for Scripture. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1994.

Green, Joel B. Seized by Truth: Reading the Bible As Scripture. Nashville: Abingdon, 2007.

Webster, John. Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch. Current Issues in Theology 1. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Wright, N. T. The Last Word: Beyond the Bible Wars to a New Understanding of the Authority of Scripture. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 2005.



  Patrick George McCullough wrote @

Interesting topic. I wish I had time to dive into it myself.

By the way, for some reason, I stopped receiving your feed. Not sure what happened there. I hope to comment a bit more now that I realized it and am subscribing again!

  pastorkerr wrote @

I’m looking at the topic right now and am writing on it. I look forward looking into your bibliography on the subject. Seems like there aren’t many books on the subject and/or they are hard to find.

God Bless

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