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GNT for Kindle?

My wife surprised me with a Kindle 2 on my birthday Wednesday. It’s a wonderful gift, because it is something I would never get for myself and its a gadget! So far I’m enjoying it. I’ve managed to get some blog reading done and I’ve downloaded some free stuff (Polycarp, Aquinas, and others). What I can’t seem to find and what I would love to have is the Greek New Testament. I’ve found some free Westcott-Hort versions that I could convert, but I want the standard critical text used in NA27 and UBS4rev. I’m willing to pay for it. Does anybody know if it is available for the Kindle?



  Jim wrote @

nice wife. nice present.

  Tito Tinajero wrote @

Hey Chris,
Happy birthday from Tito and Lace. How are you doing? Is the 27th your Birthday. That is when our first child was born, 03/27/2009. You can see him at my website. Have fun with the Kindle 2

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