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I’m able to subscribe to a couple of journals at work. My problem is deciding which journals would be best. I’ve started a list of possibilities. Any journals I’ve missed? Which ones would you suggest and why? The ones to which I will subscribe will likely be focused on biblical studies (my primary focus) and mostly English (I don’t have the time to muddle through languages for which I have only a loose grasp).

Bible Review
Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Theology Bulletin
Bibliotheca Sacra
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Currents in Biblical Research
Expository Times
Irish Biblical Studies
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Journal of Biblical Literature
Journal of Early Christian Studies
Journal of Theological Interpretation
Journal of Theological Studies
New Testament Studies
Novum Testamentum
Religion and Theology
Review & Expositor
Review of Biblical Literature
Reviews in Religion and Theology
Revue Biblique
Scottish Journal of Theology
Scripture Bulletin
Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses
Theologische Literaturzeitung
Theologische Revue
Theologische Zeitschrift
Theology Today
Tyndale Bulletin
Word and World
Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der Älteren Kirche



  Jordan wrote @

I think it’s always worth reading the International Journal of Systematic Theology and the Scottish Journal of Theology. They have some of the best stuff on the theology side (it seems that your initial list is narrowed in more towards Bib Studies)

  Chris wrote @

Thanks, Jordan. Yes, it is skewed toward biblical studies. I’m an editor focusing primarily on NT projects. I’ve updated my list since your comment, by the way.

  James wrote @

How about BBR–Bulletin of Biblical Research, the publication of IBR?


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