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Reclaiming Paul

Have you been following the posts on Reclaiming Paul: The Apostle in the Emerging World? This website has several thoughtful posts from participants in the upcoming Reclaiming Paul Conference—”A conversation among emerging church leaders & biblical scholars, pastors & educators.”

You can go to the start page to see info about the conference and read the most recent posts.  They have also created tabs that will take you to posts on Eschatology, Jesus & Paul, Justification, and Paul & Women.

I’ll be attending the conference next week.  As a NT guy with an interest in the Church’s engagement with its Scripture, I am most excited about the conversations sure to take place. As an editor for one of the books listed in the Pre-Conference Reading, I am proud. And as an editor in general, I look forward to seeing a handful of our authors and making contact with other potential authors.

But I am probably most excited to see family.  Gail’s family is all in the KC area, and my parents can more easily fly up to KC from Texas than fly out to Eugene.  So Gail and the boys are coming with me.  We’ll stay in KC after the conference. My parents are coming up for a few days. Sonny and Peepaw need some grandsons time.  I’ll fly out of KC on the 30th to go to Chicago, where I will be attending AAR.  Gail and the boys get to stay in KC with her folks.

It will be a whirlwind.  These are only two of the five conference I will have attended from the end of September to the end of November.  Such is the life of an editor.

North Park Symposium – Sept. 25-27
Reclaiming Paul – Oct. 22-24
AAR – Nov. 1-3
ETS – Nov. 19-21
SBL – Nov. 21-25

If you are going to be at any of these meetings, look me up or get in touch ahead of time.  I’d love to chat about book ideas, catch up with old friends, and/or make new friends.


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