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I’ve been reviewed!

This past week I was privileged to have met R.W.L. Moberly at the North Park Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture.  He informed me that he had recently written a review of my book for the most recent edition of the  Journal of Theological Studies [NB: requires subscription for online viewing]. It’s a nice review with several good and helpful critical comments.

I’m now even more excited to hear Moberly’s contribution to the Theological Hermeneutics of Scripture session at SBL this year.  The session on Friday at 9 a.m. is entitled “Assessing Theological Interpretation.” Markus Bockmuehl and John J. Collins will also be presenting.

By the way, if you are interested in the North Park Symposium, we publish the proceedings every year in the journal Ex Auditu.

Harink quoting Yoder interpreting Barth

[T]he order of the faith community constitutes a public offer to the entire societyIt is not that first we set about being a proper church and then in a later move go about decising to care prophetically for the rest of the world. To participate in the transforming process of becoming the faith community is itself to speak the prophetic word, is itself the beginning of the transformation of the cosmos.

Yoder, For the Nations, 27–28 (emphasis original; Harink has it at 28–29 [see Harink, Paul among the Postliberals, 133], but as this shows, he’s one page off).

[Note to self: Find a church community to participate in soon.]

[Note to others: We’ve struggled finding a community in which to participate here in Eugene.]