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What little writing I can manage

Last month  I submitted a couple of book reviews that should be published in the summer or fall.

•    Review of I Was a Stranger: A Christian Theology of Hospitality, by Arthur Sutherland, Biblical Theology Bulletin 38:3 (August 2008).

•    Review of Scripture as Communication, by Jeannine Brown, Reviews in Theology & Religion 15:4 (September 2008).

Reviews are about as much as I have time to write these days. Twins, a full-time job, and adjunct gigs keep my plate pretty full.  However, I have accepted the invitation to write an introduction to Theological Interpretation for Catalyst. I’ve got less than a month to come up with 2000 words.  My plan is to briefly introduce the recent re-emergence of interest in TI, describe some of the issues in discussions of TI, and introduce some of the major conversants.  The publication is for Methodist seminarians, so I will want to keep that audience in mind.

I had a couple of reviews in Reviews in Theology & Religion last year that I am now free to post on my blog.  I will put them up shortly.


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