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It is finished

the grading from the Spring quarter, that is.  Faxed them and put hard copies in the mail  today.  Now, I don’t have to get depressed again for 10 weeks, when the next batch of papers shows up in my inbox.

More Harink: American Liberal Democracy

I’m still slowly moving through Harink’s book.  I want to remember some of the things I’ve read and I want to share them with the few of you who read this blog.  Here, then, is another brief excerpt:

The churches of America, whether conservative or liberal, are divided in their loyalty; divided between allegiance to American liberal democracy and society on the one hand and to the triune God revealed in Jesus Christ on the other. When it comes to the decisive moments—the apocalyptic, revelatory moments, when America goes to war in the name of “freedom,” “justice,” and “democracy”—the latter loyalty almost always takes second place to the former. … American liberal democracy is the One Great Thing for which most American Christians are prepared to make the costliest sacrifice: the lives of their own and others’ children. Such human sacrifices declare final—apocalyptic—allegiances. (84–85, in the context of discussing Hauerwas’s hatred of idolatry)


There is a saying among educators that goes something like, “I teach for free; they pay me to grade.”

At the end of every quarter, I get a little depressed. I’ve spent the last several months preparing for classes, teaching classes, interacting with students, and more.  Then, when all of this is over and there is this feeling of release, I start to receive term papers and final exams.  That’s when I get depressed.  Where is a teaching assistant when you need one?

Green vs. Wall/Robinson

Keeping in mind that I am going to be teaching seminarians, the majority of whom will one day be ministers of some sort, I am considering the following two books for my Acts class next year and I wonder if any of you have opinions on them.

Green, Michael. Thirty Years That Changed the World: The Book of Acts for Today. Eerdmans, 2004.

Robinson, Anthony B., and Robert W. Wall. Called to Be Church: The Book of Acts for a New Day. Eerdmans, 2006.

Acts: Issue #1 – Genre

I will be supervising a student from Fuller’s Northwest campus this summer. The student will be reading Acts and reading about Acts.  This supervision will be a way for me to begin getting my mind around the various issues I will want to address when I teach the exegesis of Acts next Winter or Spring quarter.  I may think about having the student do some guest posts as part of his course requirement.  We’ll see about that.  In the meantime, and since I am not finding things to blog about, I thought I would begin the reflection process with a little series here.  I have in mind to raise an issue or ask a question and give you the chance to give me your thoughts.  In other words, help me!

Joel Green, in his “Acts” entry in Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Development (7–24), begins with the problem of the genre of Acts.  How is Acts best generically categorized? Novel? Biography? Scientific  Treatise? Ancient Historiography? Other? Hybrid?