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Teaching Acts

I’m slated to teach an exegesis course on the Book of Acts in the Winter or Spring of 2009.  I have to get the course approved first and part of that process is vetting an extended course description (ECD) with the appropriate department.  And, part of the ECD is, of course, the list of textbooks I plan to assign.  I’m still trying to decide on textbooks.  Any suggestions?



  James wrote @

It’s more of a 2nd year grammar, but Culy & Parsons from Baylor might be good to require, especially if the students don’t have a lot of Greek. The new Hermeneia volume is just coming out in November, but that might be too late for you. There is also Barrett’s ICC volumes (the paper volumes, while ugly, are almost affordable), along with his shortened version, and I’ve always been partial to F.F. Bruce’s Acts commentary, which is getting quite old now, but still good.

There are just too many good resources out there…


  Chris wrote @

To James:

“There are just too many good resources out there…”

I know! Hence, my dilemma.

  Nijay Gupta wrote @

For methodological purposes, Walter Liefeld’s INTERPRETING THE BOOK OF ACTS is good; also I H Marshall’s New Testament Guide (Sheffield) on THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. Though it is more focused, a good supplementary book might be Stan Porter’s PAUL IN ACTS. Finally, for a commentary, a good solid choice might be Richard Longenecker’s ACTS volume in the Expositor’s Bible COmmentary Series (360+ pages).

I wonder if Wall and Robinson’s ‘Called to Be Church: The Book of Acts for a New Day’ book on the relevance of Acts for the emerging church might be interesting. Also – Powell’s WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT ACTS- its a bit old, but Powell is a master at narrative criticism.

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