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Another Despicable Church Sign

Not long ago Halden made a case for the worst church sign ever.

There is now another contender in that category.

Pastor Roger Boyd claims he just wanted to get folks thinking last Thursday when he chose a controversial message to run on the sign in front of the Jonesville Church of God in Jonesville, S.C.: “OBAMA OSAMA HUMM ARE THEY BROTHERS?”



  Tyler Watson wrote @

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

But really, the church sign makes sense. When someone’s first name rhymes with another person’s last name, clearly they must be related or hold similar views.

  Bob Cornwall wrote @

This sign simply feeds the whisper campaign that wants to make Obama into a terrorist. How unfortunate that a pastor of a church would choose to engage in such a thing — and Jeremiah Wright is accused of hate mongering.

  B-W wrote @

Oh, without a doubt, this one’s worse. The Easter Bunny one is obviously just some ill-placed humor. The Obama attack is pure evil (Say what you will about the man or his policies).

  Barry wrote @

And I thought “God wants full custody, not just weekend visits” was bad.

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