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Together Again

There is a bit of a blogger buzz about the announcement that the AAR has rescinded its decision not to hold concurrent annual meetings with the SBL.  As far as I can tell this is good news for everyone, except for a small few in each organization who simply do not like associating with one another. [I suspect the small few in the AAR are the most disappointed in the recent announcement, since, I suspect, they were the ones who spearheaded the separation in the first place.]

  • Booksellers no longer have to organize displays at two essential conferences, paying set up and travel expenses twice.
  • Schools no longer have to organize receptions at two conferences.  They can also consolidate their job searches at one conference.
  • Joint members no longer have to pony up a good bit of change to attend two conferences or decide which conference to attend each year.
  • Other organizations who hold annual meetings around the same times and locations as the AAR/SBL no longer have to weigh the benefits of coordinating with one or the other each year.  This is especially helpful when these other organizations have members who are also members of AAR and/or SBL.
  • Members of both organizations can continue to have fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue without attending two conferences.  They can also continue to see old friends and colleagues that they would otherwise not see if it were not for the joint meetings.

AAR has its meetings scheduled through 2011.  In 2011 there was always the plan to hold a concurrent meeting in San Francisco.  The SBL has its meetings scheduled through 2013.  With the announcement of concurrent meetings again beginning in 2012, the AAR has essentially also announced the locations of its 2012 and 2013 meetings—Chicago and Baltimore, respectively—although, these locations do not yet appear on their list of future meetings.


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