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Is Amazon evil?

If you are a POD publisher, you might think so. It seems Amazon is tightening the screws on Print On Demand publishers. And according to some comments, Amazon is eying university presses as well. Could traditional publishers be in their sights? What about us small maverick publishers who are not POD, UP, or traditional?

See quick overview here and longer story with reader comments here.

UPDATE:  James and Halden weigh in on the matter.



  Mike wrote @

Chris, I’m curious about what your perspective is on this, especially after reading James Spinti’s thoughts.

  B-W wrote @

This obviously isn’t my world in the same way as it is yours, and the term “print on demand” (even more so the acronym “POD”) is new to me. It sounds like Wipf and Stock is directly threatened by such an action, based on what I know of them. Is this, in fact, the case?

  katagrapho » Why shop at Amazon? wrote @

[…] wondered whether Amazon was evil and I’ve made an appeal to book reviewers to link to publishers and not to Amazon. Now, I want […]

  Jason wrote @

in short: yes!
– 1 click checkout patent
– revoking bought ebooks
– censorship of books
– tracking purchases without consent
– tax dodgeing

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