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Best NT Introduction?

Since I am teaching a NT survey (Acts-Revelation) beginning in a couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about my textbook selection. I landed on Achtemeier-Green-Thompson for my students, mostly because of its readability and my allegiance to Fuller profs. I will likely use Brown for lecture prep. (Someone once told me I should find two textbooks for my courses: one to assign to students and one to use for myself.)

What do you think is the best NT introduction on the market? And, why? What makes for a good NT intro?



  Mike wrote @

I’ve always had a soft spot for deSilva. His is a combination of hermeneutical methodologies and historical/cultural background that always get me.

I also like Luke Timothy Johnson’s and Porter & McDonald.

  Mike wrote @

by the way, I don’t like the binding of deSilva, its a glued, not sewn.

  Eric wrote @

I agree with Mike. I think DeSilva’s text is great overall intro, including spiritual formation sections. But I’m a little biased being one of his former students. Also, Mike’s right about the binding

  Joel wrote @

Achtemeier, Green, and Thompson, of course! 🙂 Before they came along, though, I used Johnson.

  Eric wrote @

Zahn is by far the best I’ve ever used. But for a modern one with up to date interaction with critical scholarship I’d go with Brown as well.

  Nijay Gupta wrote @

I agree that deSilva is the best. I have thought about using I Howard Marshall’s NEW TESTAMENT THEOLOGY for an intro course.

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