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123 pages meme

I’ve been memed (can I make that word a verb?).

  1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)
  2. Find Page 123.
  3. Find the first 5 sentences.
  4. Post the next 3 sentences.
  5. Tag 5 people.

From Terry Eagleton, Literary Theory (2nd ed.), U Minn Press, 1996.

Post-structuralism was a product of that blend of euphoria and disillusionment, liberation and dissipation, carnival and catastrophe, which was 1968. Unable to break the structures of state power, post-structuralism found it possible instead to subvert the structures of language. Nobody, at least, was likely to beat you over the head for doing so.

Since, I am never sure which of my friends have already participated in the meme and since I do not have very many friends to begin with, I will forgo #5. If you are reading this and have not been tagged for this meme, consider yourself memed.


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[…] my friend, Chris, I am wary of the last bit of this meme: to tag five people. But I will nevertheless tag Matt and I […]

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