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Ephesians in Seattle

I fly up to Seattle today so I can begin the NT Exegesis class tomorrow at Fuller Northwest. I wish I was better prepared, but the build up to and the eventual birth of Alexander and Oliver has kept me from preparing as well as I would like. Fortunately, I have a small class, which will make it easier to structure the class more as a seminar/exegesis lab than a lecture hall, which in turn means less lecture prep; although, I will need to be on my game if the seminar/lab model is going to be effective. The recent acquisition of the Talbert Commentary

in the Paideia series will be helpful for this. I highly recommend it. It will be the text I use most often in prepping for each class.

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  Mike Aubrey wrote @

Baker sent me a review copy of this. I was impressed by most and disappointed by some. His discussion of authorship is thin in content. I wasn’t so much disappointed by his conclusion (though I disagree with it), but that he gave so little discussion as to why. He didn’t interact with Hoehner or O’Brien on the question, which would have been helpful too. And its hard to me to tell at all what his authorship conclusion is for Colossians.

With that said, his discussion of the household code is excellent, though many conservative interpreters will likely ignore it. I also think he draws too sharp of a line between verse 21 & 22 and his evidence for the decision don’t hold up under the weight.

But its a great commentary, all in all. Nobody is going to completely agree on every point on another person’s exegesis.

Have you looked at Witherington’s new volume on Ephesians yet?

  Mike Aubrey wrote @

My review is up if are interested.

  Mike Aubrey wrote @


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