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To San Diego and Back 1: Schedule

I have been intending to write an interesting and involved post about my recent trip to San Diego for ETS, AAR, and SBL.  Alas, I simply do not feel like writing much these days.  Work is busy and new for me.  We have moved from the edit-and-get-books-printed phase of the year to the acquire-nurture-and-finish-older-projects phase.  I am also feeling the anxiety of the impending arrival of Oliver and Alexander (no more than 2.5 weeks, the doctor tells us!), holidays, and preparing a syllabus for the Ephesians class that starts in January.  So, instead of an interesting and involved post, I decided to break up the report over a handful of post.  I begin with an overview of my schedule, filled with links, comments, and pictures.  I will do future posts on what I learned about being an acquisitions editor, conversations I had, and my experience on a panel session.


A few pictures of W&S booth:

I’m the good looking guy with the orange tie!


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  Chris Tilling wrote @

Great to meet you, in SD! The reception was simply superb – what a great bunch of people to work with!

Gladly your book has arrived in the library, so I’ll pick up my copy soon.

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