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Ex Auditu

I’m off to Chicago later this week. It will be my first trip to this city. Unfortunately, I will not have any time to see the city. I will be attending the North Park Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Wipf & Stock publishes the papers from the symposium in the annual journal Ex Auditu, and since theological interpretation happens to be an interest of mine, the powers that be here thought it would be good for me to be involved in the events.

Candidates and Faith

You really should check out One Vote Under God. I can’t quite articulate how I feel about faith and/in politics. So, I’ll leave now without comment.


Some quick thoughts on looking back:

  • I wonder sometimes whether I should have gone to seminary. I think too many people go to seminary that should not go. Some of them ought to go to graduate school because ministry (the original purpose of seminary training) is not their cup of tea. Others of them are not cut out for much beyond a Bachelor’s degree and would be in over their heads in any graduate program. I sometimes think I fall into the former category. Others might think I fall into the latter.
  • I often wish I had gone to either a state school or a liberal arts school in another state. I went to Baylor instead. Now I am no longer a Baptist and I do not live in Texas. I have no desire to return to either.
  • I wish I had learned to speak a foreign language and to play an instrument. Instead I took the obligatory Spanish in high school and college, and quit playing the coronet after the 7th grade (I picked it up in the 6th grade).

Despite these wonderings, I am still amazed at how things “work out”. I suppose I am a retrospective Calvinist; but, anabaptist-like moving forward.