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My book, The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning, now has a cover image. It’s nothing terribly appealing, unfortunately – just the basic T&T Clark Theology cover, with a nice purple. Amazon also has the “Search Inside” enabled. So go take a look inside before plopping down $70+ for 176 pages.

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  Kevin A. Wilson wrote @

Congratulations! You cover looks pretty good. My first cover was a dull heather gray with pale blue lettering. Academic publishers often don’t have to worry about making the books attractive.

  c. wess daniels wrote @

well i don’t think i can dish out the cover price, you NT scholars are just to valuable! But maybe I can convince a publication to let me review it for them, I’d love to read it.

congrats! it’s got to feel great. and congrats on the twins too, I wish we could see them once they arrive.

  Bob Cornwall wrote @


If you think the book would be of interest to clergy let me know — we could set up to have it reviewed in Sharing the Practice — the journal of the Academy of Parish Clergy.

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