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Two Things That Scare Me

1) People who claim to have heard a word from God to build a political machine.
2) People who claim to have developed a method for studying the Bible to find out what it actually says. This can come from the right and the left.

What scares me most about these positions is that I do in fact believe God can and does speak and I do believe the Bible actually does say something. I cannot dismiss the notions. Here’s where I get pragmatic and communitarian. I can more easily dismiss particular claims if 1) there is a lack of community discernment, and 2) the fruits are anything other than Christ-like. Questions about what community and what constitutes Christ-likeness surely arise. I’d rather be struggling with these questions than following blindly someone who claims singly to have heard a word from God, or one who claims to have found the methodological key to hear what the Bible actually says.

In matters of God’s word and scripture, if it seems too easy, it probably is.


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