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I wish I were more slacktive

Fred Clark writes like I wish I did. His blog, slacktivist, is one of the most insightful and well-written I’ve come across. I’ve recognized this for some time. I’m publicly acknowledging it today. I am particularly fond of things like I read today:

Most people who insist that the story of Noah is “literally” true don’t go to such great lengths to illustrate their belief, but it’s still startling how many people have gotten drowned in the details of this story. They travel to Mt. Ararat in search of the ark, or they obsess over details of hydrology and storage space. Just as lost at sea are these poor folks’ mirror opposites — those who obsess over the details to prove that the story is “literally” false. (I’m forced to place the word literally in quotation marks here because it is the word they insist on using, although what they mean by it is far from clear.)

Both sorts of literalists approach these stories with the same incomprehension as that of people who don’t understand jokes. “What kind of bar?” they ask. You try to ignore them, to get on to the punch line, to the point, but they keep interrupting. “A duck? I don’t think you’d be allowed in the bar if you were carrying a duck.”

Such people are particularly infuriating when you’re trying to tell a really good joke. They’re even more infuriating when you’re trying to tell a really important story.


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