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Model for the Future?

As I contemplate my new career and how it will affect the way in which I blog and the content of the blog itself, I find the goings on at ‘Idle musings of a bookseller‘ interesting.



  Pat McCullough wrote @

I wondered the same thing. You even have similar last names ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you see his interview at biblioblogs.com with Jim West?

  James wrote @

OK, I’ll bite. Why would my idle musings be relevant to going to Wipf & Stock? Unless you wonder how becoming a bookseller/publisher affects one’s reading/writing…


  Chris wrote @

Thanks for visiting James. I only meant to say that your blogging from the perspective of a bookseller/publisher interested me as I think about how my blogging might be affected by my new career in publishing. Your idle musings have nothing at all to do with me going to W&S. I would be going whether you mused idly or otherwise. I am, however, happy now to have these idle musings coming to me in my RSS reader.

  James wrote @


That’s what I suspected. I didn’t think I could have the effect of driving someone to join publishing! : )

Maybe I’ll see you at conventions?


  Pat McCullough wrote @

Hey Chris, you might also be interested in Original Expression, a recently started blog by Bill Nienhuis, director of publisher relations at Logos Bible Software. This is how the Logos blog describes his role: “Bill travels a lot to meet with publishers and negotiate licenses for new books.” A different side of publishing. I just noticed it today.

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