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Over at Ekballo

On my more personal blog, Ekballo, I began a schedule of posting on a different topic each weekday. Wednesdays are for things to do with religion, church, Christianity, etc. The last two Wednesdays have sparked a nice discussion that I figured could just as well fit into the ethos of katagrapho. Below is the bulk of a response I wrote in the comments to today’s post which mentioned AKMA’s short essay on biblical interpretation.

I like to think of postmodernism (the noun) as a sensibility and not a particular method. To say something is postmodern is to say that it possesses or promotes or characterizes a certain sensibility. Now, what exactly that sensibility is is up for grabs. AKMA offers a definition that more than anything tries to describe what is going on in the world of biblical interpretation. It does not, however, prescribe, what biblical interpretation must look like to be postmodern. Personally, I think there are sensibilities that run awry of conventional approaches and could therefore be considered postmodern, and yet at the same time they are thoroughly theological/biblical/Christian. Postmodern approaches to reading Scripture are not, by definition, atheistic or anti-Christian. To be sure, though, there are postmodern approaches to biblical interpretation that are just these things. I want to discourage, however, a “guilt by association” response to reading practices that are characterized as postmodern. I think the revitalized discussion regarding theological interpretation is thoroughly postmodern and also theologically more fruitful. I think the same can be said for some streams of missional and emerging churches.

Ekballo does not always promote this sort of dialogue. It is usually more about music, politics, computers, and life in general. But, feel free to come join the conversation. I’ll cross-pollinate if the discussion is good.


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