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Ephesians: Where to begin?

I’d like to start posting some thoughts on Ephesians as I prepare for my Spring course.  I am not going to consider authorship or audience or any of the questions to do with provenance at this point.  One of the things I will try to emphasize in class is the benefit and importance of wrestling with the text as is before moving to issues behind and in front of the text.  I am fully aware that behind-the-text issues make a vital difference.  As well, I am conscious of the fact that in-front-of-the-text issues impinge on how one reads the text and prioritizes different things.  However, it seems to me that a close reading of the text ought to come before fuller investigations behind or in front of the text.  I will not neglect those questions; I will just not launch a project with them.


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  Pat McCullough wrote @

I think your teaching method sounds better for students too. I had a class in undergrad that was supposed to just be on 1 & 2 Kings, but the prof made it a class about “Kingship in Ancient Israel.” It was interesting, but we did so much background that we didn’t get to the text itself until a month into the course (this was the semester system). From the student’s perspective, I think it’d be better just to mention the major issues behind or in front of the text and just let them come alive as the class looks at the text itself.

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