writing things down…


1. Class is more than halfway over. I am learning more than the students, I think! I’ve shifted from less lecture to more discussion. We’ve finished the general methods and we have moved into the genre-specific conversations. Two points I’ve stressed about NT epistles: 1) there is a basic structure to letters and we can learn a lot by looking at how closely or how loosely the NT epistles stick to that structure; and 2) all NT epistles are occasional. Tonight we’ll talk about some of the implications for the occasionality (is that a word?) of letters.

2. I have signed a book contract with T&T Clark. Manuscript is due by mid-December. Lots of formatting and revising to be done. Working title: The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning: Debates on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture.

3. I have sent out about 10 cover letters, CVs, etc. Now I pray.

4. I’m looking forward to AAR/SBL. I’ve never been to Washington D.C. and I have friends I have not seen in months.

5. I’ve posted my ECD for the Spring course on Ephesians. I’ll try to add links to the textbooks later. For now I have lots of work to do on the class syllabus.


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  Pat McCullough wrote @

Looks like you’re in the clear. From the OED: “occasionality, n. The quality or fact of being occasional, esp. of being prepared, composed, etc., for a particular occasion; an occasional piece.” No visits from the Secret Police of the Professional Organization of English Majors.

Kudos on getting the book contract with T&T! That’s fantastic. Am I right in thinking that’s for your dissertation? Well, it’ll certainly be going up on my Amazon wishlist when it comes out 🙂

Lookin’ forward to bunking together at SBL. We’ve got a good group! I’ll be there late on Friday the 17th, so I’m gunna miss the gathering of Mennonite scholars and friends.


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