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Students’ views on the Bible

The first class is done and I am already behind. We were only able to get through the syllabus and make assignments. The discussion on hermeneutics will have to move to next class. [Note to self: syllabus takes longer to get through than it first appears.]

One of the things I did was have the students fill out an information sheet. On the sheet, after questions regarding hometown and denominational affiliation, etc., I asked the students to complete the following three sentences:

The Bible is…

Exegesis is…

Interpretation is…

I thought it would interesting to interested readers and students alike to share the answers for the first sentence. [NB: I’ve cleaned up spelling and grammatical errors]

  1. God’s word/the word of God 6x
  2. God’s word for us
  3. God-breathed word
  4. the complete word of God
  5. the word of God revealed to us
  6. God’s word to us through human hands
  7. God’s word, recording the acts the acts of God pertaining to the well-being of humanity
  8. God’s word for humanity; a way we can know God our creator and creator of the universe
  9. the word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit
  10. the inspired (not inerrant) witness to the Word of God in Christ
  11. the word of God; our instruction manual for life
  12. a living word in which God wants us to understand and entrust while we live in the world
  13. God’s revelation to us; the story of the movement to reconcile creation through Jesus Christ
  14. awesome, but not a part of the Trinity and therefore not to be worshiped; inspired and a source of authority in my theology and daily living
  15. translated
  16. inerrant and infallible
  17. infallible and inerrant in its original manuscripts
  18. the written record of the covenant community of God and God’s interactions with that community
  19. a library of revered ancient texts
  20. life-changing
  21. everything
  22. wow!
  23. long

I’m going to leave this list without comment. We will talk more about this as the class moves on.


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