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To-do List

You may ignore this list. It’s for me. I figured if I made it public I would be more likely to get some of these things accomplished.

1) Apply for teaching positions: CV, Statements, References
2) Lectures for Exegetical Methods
3) ECD for Exegesis of Ephesians (Spring course; ECD requested before October): decide on textbooks
4) Add more to online resources
5) Plan Gail’s birthday party (I’m on this, just need a reminder)
6) Complete book proposal (Just needs a little tweaking)

Here’s where you, dear reader(s?), come in:

1) If you know of any NT posts for junior profs let me know. See my online CV.
2) I’m OK for the lectures I just need to get on them. However, if you have any helpful advice for a young lecturer, I am all ears (or eyes as the case may be here).
3) That’s right, unless I shoot myself in the foot with Exegetical Methods in the Fall and Winter, I’ve been asked to do the next course in the series, which is the exegesis of a NT book. I am a bit familiar with Ephesians and it is short enough for a class to actually read the whole thing in one quarter. Plus, as a disputed Pauline epistle, I believe we can dispense quickly with the question of authorship and move into the content of the book. Imagine that, actually reading an entire NT book in Greek and dealing with its content and not the questions that lie behind it.
4) Check ’em out. I am open to suggestions. I am not wanting to compete with Scholer, however; just enough to give the beginning student a good list of resources.
5) I’m OK just a bit nervous. I haven’t done so well with birthdays the last three years.
6) Not terribly hopeful, but I have a friend whose published and thinks its doable.

[Update: After re-reading this post I realize how terribly negative it feels. There are several things for which I am fairly upbeat. I am confident the online resources, ECD and lectures will come together nicely in due time. I am also certain that my wife will love me even if the party turns out to be a flop. I feel good about my dissertation even if it does not get published, and I trust my friend’s judgment, so I am going to shop it around. Unfortunately, I am less upbeat about the job search. I’ve heard too many war stories about too many recent NT grads and too few NT openings.]



  Pat McCullough wrote @

I hope that’s not a surprise birthday party.

BTW, I think that Amazon link is broken, is this what you were going for?

Hope Vancouver and Seattle were blissful!


  Chris wrote @

Pat –
The link works from my computer. I wonder if it has something to do with being logged in to my amazon account. Not sure what the deal is. I get the same result clicking my link and your link. I do notice that my link has a long string of letters and numbers and yours does not. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make the change.

Gail knows that we will be doing something for her birthday; she doesn’t know what or when. So it is a semi-surprise. What will be surprising is if she looks at this blog between now and then.

  Antony Billington wrote @

I just wanted to say Hi, and that I enjoy reading your entries. Thanks.

I have taught Hermeneutics at London School of Theology since 1991, and am currently trying to work on a PhD in the broad area of theological hermeneutics, looking specifically at the theological significance of biblical narrative – so I always read your reflections on hermeneutics with interest, and would welcome seeing your thesis made more widely available.

  Bob Cornwall wrote @


Keep looking, that’s all I can say — It took me 4 years to get a post and it then took 2 years to get fired for being too liberal. I’ve been a pastor ever since. But don’t give up! Keep looking! That job might be there for you.

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