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If you have ever visited this site before you will notice a new look.  I like it.  I hope you do.

Content, however, is slow in coming.  In addition to devoting energy to the aesthetics of the site, I have been spending a good deal of spare time on my Fall syllabi, plus Gail and I are gearing up for a weeklong holiday.  You can see some of the fruits of my labor in the Resources section of the site, specifically under the Courses heading.  I’ve also added a few books to various Bibliographies.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the above, even my holiday; we are going to Vancouver for a week, with excursions to Seattle (one day) and Victoria (two days).



  Pat McCullough wrote @

I envy your trip to Vancouver and Seattle. Christina and I lived in Seattle for a year before moving to Pasadena. If you need any ideas: Try the Underground Tour of the city (for the “real story” on Seattle history), stop by the Elliott Bay Book Co., and of course, Pike Place Market. If you’d like to take a pic of you two with the classic image of Seattle in the background, head up to the Queen Anne district and stop at Kerry Park. Oh, and if you’re into history, you might enjoy the Klondike Gold Rush National Park downtown. The bus system is quite good, and they have a “free ride zone” downtown. I love Seattle in the Summer. I went to Vancouver for a week once with a friend and I think the best thing we did there was to go up the lift at Grouse Mountain (even though neither of us skied) and ate at their very nice restaurant overlooking the city. Fantastic view.

On the updates: It looks good to me. Maybe the bibliographies seem a little dense. Perhaps some space between entries or even a little light annotation on the books might help (you know, because of all that free time you have). And what about some more Anabaptist representation? How about a little Swartley in Hermeneutics?

  Chris wrote @

Thanks for the Seattle suggestions. Much of them are on our itinerary.

When you say the bibliographies are “dense” I assume you mean they are too compact spacewise and not too heady intellectually. Perhaps you are right. The output is a product of the theme template I am using. It would take a few extra keystrokes to create spaces. I’ll look into it. Annotations are planned, but will likely not arrive any time soon. I am more concerned at the moment with getting the lists in order. I will say something about the content of the lists some other time.

At the moment I am trying to get the more general sorts of references into bibliographies. I am saving space for those perspectives that explicitly emanate from particular traditions. So Swartley, and Murray too, will find their way into the bibliographies but likely placed in a category devoted to traditioned hermeneutics.

  ck wrote @

I like the new look. Personally, I prefer black on white rather than the reverse. It is much easier on the eyes. On the whole, the site looks very clean. And keep up the good content! (Whenever you’re able–the 3D world takes precedence, definitely.)

  Pat McCullough wrote @

I will second ck there. And also clarify that, yes, I was thinking of the “compactness” of the space. If density were a deterrent for being represented on a biblical studies bibliography, it would be a short bibliography indeed!

Maybe the 3D thing could be expanded to virtual reality video. You could get digital video of you teaching that would require some of those fancy virtual reality headsets. You’d be taking communication of New Testament interpretation to the next level. Maybe, in the videos, you could walk the audience through the Holy Land in a way that felt real. Or maybe some 3D video games that reenact things like the Shipwreck of Paul or portray the vision of John on Patmos. The possibilities are endless!

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