writing things down…

Good intentions

I am more than thrilled finally to have my own domain name.  No more Blogger or edublogs.  That’s not entirely true.  I plan to post personal, fun stuff on the Blogger site.  But, I will no longer post to dcspinks.edublogs.com.  I am in the process of moving everything from edublogs to my own site.  Most of that is done.  I still have a few dissertation-related things to move over.

I have every good intention to post frequently and with erudition.  However, I find that the creative well is running dry.  Currently, I am more interested in finishing my grading from the Spring, teaching and assisting on two different courses this Summer, and preparing for a new course in the Fall.  As well, I want to begin the exploration of dissertation publication, and I now have a fairly good idea for an article, which I hope to begin reading for soon.  I am sure these things will get worked out on the blog somehow.

About the blog…aside from the moving of content from the old blog to this one, I am working with an incredible learning curve.  Having my own domain gives me a lot of freedom, but it also forces me to learn how to do things like put a logo for Scribe on the site somewhere.  Wess to the rescue?  I also want to figure out how to make these letters more readable.  The very first comment I received here noted the difficulty of seeing gray on black.  Hey, I was just happy to figure out how to put a header image up.  I don’t know how to modify font color yet.

In the meantime, until I can think of something to write about, I will probably work on bulking up my Resource pages.  I am working on materials that I think will be helpful for my Fall class.  I’d be interested to hear comments on how I have the Bibliographies organized at the moment.  It might help to consider the Extended Course Description and my reflections on teaching exegesis.

At any rate, I welcome you to my new site.  I hope you will join me in conversations about the New Testament, hermeneutics, exegesis and much more.


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