writing things down…

Writing things down

I have been blogging for nearly a year over at Ekballo. This blog, however, has been more personal and scattered. I needed a place to just write, a place where I could not only practice the art of writing, but a place to get down some of my ideas and thoughts on matters more related to my career and research interests. I expect two things to happen if I stick to writing on this newly created blog. First, I hope that I will begin to see improvement in my writing. Second, I hope that I will begin to see development in my thinking on certain academic, theological, biblical studies. One will not find the miscellany found in Ekballo.

Right now the following areas are at the top of my interest list:
1. Theological Interpretation
2. Emerging movement
3. Anabaptism

I think there is significant overlap among these areas, and I believe the overlapping issue is communitarian in nature.

Other areas on which I think I need to spend some time:
1. Major issues in curent New Testament studies (I know this is broad. Part of what I need to do is identify what the major issues are.)
2. Hermeneutics
3. Philosophy of interpretation (includes philosophy of knowledge)

These three areas, no doubt, have significant bearing on the three primary interests and so the two lists are not mutually exclusive.


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